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Proving the railroad’s negligence in worker injury cases is challenging. Our record of wins is impressive.

Today railroads across the United States are forcing injured workers to take their cases all the way through a trial to receive compensation. Paula Jossart is a nationally recognized railroad injury attorney who has achieved millions of dollars in verdicts against various railroads – all hard-fought cases.

Railroads are powerful and well funded, but Paula Jossart knows people need her to be fearless and ready for the challenge, which she has proven to be – time and time again.

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act, commonly known as the FELA, was passed in the early 1900s.  This law requires a railroad to provide a reasonably safe place to work. There are duties placed on the railroad, such as a duty to inspect the premises, a duty to provide safe tools and equipment, and a duty to provide proper supervision, to name a few.

The FELA gives railroad workers who are injured on the job the right to bring a claim against their employer.  Unlike traditional workers compensation laws that govern when almost every other employee who is injured on the job, the FELA allows for different types of damages, such as pain and suffering. It also requires the injured employee to prove negligence – prove that the railroad did something wrong which caused their injury.

Paula Jossart is well known for her courtroom experience and expertise in FELA cases. Here are just a few examples of the types of individual injury cases where her clients prevailed:

  • She proved the railroad’s negligence in cases where employees were injured due to a defective locomotive, or unsafe walking conditions.
  • She was at the forefront of establishing the railroad’s negligence in cases where employees sustained a cumulative trauma injury to the spine and lower extremities due to bad track or locomotive conditions, or as a result of large ballast.

Along with the FELA, railroad workers are protected by other safety statutes and regulations governing locomotives and railroad cars, known as the Locomotive Inspection Act and the Safety Appliance Act.

If you are injured working for the railroad, having an experienced lawyer as lead counsel can make all the difference between taking care of your family and wondering what to do next. Who will you trust to fight for you?

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