Toxic exposure cases are complicated. You’ll need a lawyer with solid courtroom experience.

Have you been injured – or are you a family member of someone who died from exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals? If you’ve been harmed, it’s important to speak with a lawyer who has both expertise in toxic cases and courtroom experience in prosecuting personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Not every lawyer has a track record in the complexities of building a strong toxic exposure case, especially establishing causation between the injury and the toxic substance. Paula Jossart does. She was a lead attorney in a landmark case involving the country’s largest anhydrous ammonia spill, representing more than a hundred individuals affected by exposure to this toxic chemical.

Many times a whole community or neighborhood is exposed to toxic fumes or actual toxic chemicals due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Get the help you need to protect your rights – and your future.


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