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Whistleblowers face many risks. Get the best legal advice possible.

If you are a whistleblower and hostile action is taken against you by your employer or others, it’s urgent to seek legal representation immediately. Your reputation, job, income and future may be at stake. Paula Jossart has represented whistleblowers around the country. As a whistleblower attorney, she has firsthand experience with the harassment endured by many injured workers, employees who witness an accident and those who bravely step forward to report illegal or unsafe conditions in the workplace.

Whistleblower claims are challenging in any industry, but even more so within the railroad industry. The Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA), 49 U.S.C. Section 20109 protects railroad workers facing retaliation from their employer for:

  • Reporting an injury
  • Reporting unsafe conditions
  • Participating in certain proceedings
  • Refusing to work under certain conditions
  • Requesting medical treatment
  • Following orders a treatment plan from a treating doctor

These are among the most difficult to win cases and it is important to have experienced representation. Paula has represented injured railroad workers since the law went into effect in 2007.

When you step forward to become a whistleblower, it’s important to have a lawyer who cares about your welfare. It’s even more important to have one who’ll fight for you. Paula Jossart is highly experienced in whistleblower litigation, well versed in combating tactics used by the railroads and aggressive in and out of the courtroom. She is not afraid to fight for you.


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